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Shopping cart design problem

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Jun 2, 2010 at 7:47 AM


i am using beerhouse_cs version... and  done customization , but struck in a problem that..


while adding the products in shopping cart.. the shopping cart font size gradually decressing as u can in below...........


<small> Aachi Pepper Powder - 1.4900   <small>(1)
</small> <small> Ajwan (Ajwain) Seeds (Carom/Lovage) 100g jar - 0.9900   <small>(1)
</small> <small> Ajwan (Ajwain) Seeds 100g Refill - 0.6500   <small>(1)
Subtotal = 3.1300 </small></small></small> <small><small><small> </small></small></small>

<small><small><small> Detailed Shopping Cart

<small><small><small> Order History</small></small></small>


plz help me out fron this