How can i implement user preference themes?

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Nov 13, 2010 at 8:51 PM
How can i implement user preference themes?
In the 2 version of the 'beerhouse project', a user was able to select a colour preference, which was stored in a session variable, which was in turn, stored in a custom user profile control. The Page class inherited a base class that used this information to determine which App_theme folder to select the appropriate css colours for the site.
I’m aware that the mvc does away with viewstate data (which is great!) and that the page life cycle is inherently different.
I am developing a site for disabled users and had previously used the thebeerhouse asp.2.0 as a template, but now wish to completely re-develop the site using thebeerhouse mvc model.
I am thrilled by the amount of control given to the rendered html markup using the .mvc model (the web forms server controls rendered output that created serious problems for screen reader users), but desperately need to retain the ability for users who are colour blind to be able to change the colour contrast of the site.
Can you suggest the best way I could go about implementing a colour picker in the .mvc framework?