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Manage My Profile problem?

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Dec 22, 2010 at 1:39 PM


i came across a funny thing and i am not sure it is normal or not.

Basically a registered user can enter the Manage My profile information only once otherwise i get an error.

For example I create a new user lets say Albert then i click on Manage My profile and fill in the Information. If i logout and login again with Albert when i press Manage My Profile i get a null reference exception here in the Usercontroller class: 

ProfileInformation profileInformation = new ProfileInformation()
                FirstName = profileBase.GetPropertyValue("PersonalInformation.FirstName").ToString(),
                LastName = profileBase.GetPropertyValue("PersonalInformation.LastName").ToString(),
                BirthDate = (DateTime)profileBase.GetPropertyValue("PersonalInformation.BirthDate"),
                Website = profileBase.GetPropertyValue("PersonalInformation.Website").ToString(),
                Street = profileBase.GetPropertyValue("ContactInformation.Street").ToString(),
                City = profileBase.GetPropertyValue("ContactInformation.City").ToString(),
                State = profileBase.GetPropertyValue("ContactInformation.State").ToString(),
                Zipcode = profileBase.GetPropertyValue("ContactInformation.ZipCode").ToString()

The funny thing is that if I delete the user from the database and create a new user with the same name and different password i still get the same error and i don't even get to fill any information while when i create a new user with a name that has been never used before i can enter the information in Manage My Profile.


Is there some kind of problem with cache memory or something like that?

Anyone knows why this happens or why i can only enter information in Manage My Profile only once for a user?

If i test the original website from codeplex online i can change the Manage My Profile information as many times as i like for a user.



Apr 16, 2013 at 7:59 PM
Edited Apr 24, 2013 at 9:22 PM
This problem occurs as some user profile information is missing so the class asumes there is NULL so you should obtain the user's info prior to view the profile. Make a new form or something to get users info at profile creation.

All of the information should be taken as "required" as the class needs all the info