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Trouble in Chapter 2


I just bought ASP.Net 3.5 because it was building a similar website to what I want to create for a restaurant. However, I'm stuck in Chapter 2. I am trying to create the site using C# instead of VB. After the section for creating the footer section, the author talks about creating the 2 other master pages, but only shows the content for one of them. Which one is it?

Next, I tried downloading the C# source code from this site. I was able to discover that the code described in the book is for CRMaster. I then looked to see where the CSS that follows goes, but couldn't find a CSS file in the source code.

Finally, I read the section on creating the 3-column layout, but the text doesn't say where to put the code that follows.

I have always bought Wrox books in the past because they are usually a more complete training than some of the others out there, but this one is so full of errors and omissions, I'm sorry I bought it.